Check out the first in-game footage of Rugby League Live 4!

Hello Rugby League fans!

This week, we had the pleasure of unveiling the first in-game footage of our upcoming Rugby League Live 4. Given the time of year, we thought it would be best to show that classic moment as the two State of Origin teams take the field at the start of a match.

As you’ll see from the video, this game makes full use of our leading photogrammetry technology to deliver realistic facial features on each player, right down to the most minute of details. We wanted this year’s edition of Rugby League Live to be the most authentic and realistic League experience ever, and we feel that by using photogrammetry to pull the players directly into the game, fans will get the full experience of hard hits against the big personalities in League that they love (and love to hate).

You can watch the video below. Enjoy! And look forward to more information on the game coming in the not too distant future.


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