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Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora


Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora

Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora

Eat Dirt and Drive!

Sprint Cars: Showdown at Eldora follows on in the tradition of the series. It combines six of the most popular dirt track vehicle classes including Pro Stock, ¾ Midget, Open-Wheel Modified, Late Model and the mighty Sprint Car, a wingless version of the Sprint Car. In addition to the new vehicle classes, six new tracks have been added in addition to new and revised game modes.


Grab your gourd guard, strap in, and wrestle over 700 horses at 170 mph around the fastest tracks on the circuit! Slide, bump, tap, grind and gun your way to the checkered flag.

  • Climb into 10 of the fastest and most dangerous dirt track vehicles in the world including NEW Pro Stock and Late Models, Wingless Sprint, and Rally Cars.
  • Survive the 27 racetracks and thrill the fans – but watch your back! Avoid the spectacular crashes and serious vehicle damage to get to the finish line.
  • Chase first place in multiple event Championships in Arcade Mode or show'em who's boss in 2 player head-to-head Race Mode.
  • As real as it gets! Realistic car physics will have cars flipping, colliding and experiencing real-world damage.
  • Conquer brutal track tests to collect bronze, silver or gold medals in Challenge Mode.


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