Big Ant Studios And Tennis Australia Launch The Official Mobile Game For The Australian Open

Big Ant Studios, in collaboration with Tennis Australia, has announced AO Tennis for mobile devices. Free to download and play, and completely microtransaction-free, this game allows tennis fans around the world to get right into the spirit of the tournament.

In AO Tennis for mobile devices, players will be able to create and put themselves into the game, and choose to make their way through the complete Australian Open, or play in a quick match against the biggest names in tennis. As they progress, they’ll unlock any of the players registered for the 2018 Australian Open and experience higher difficulty matches to really test their mettle.

Controls are simple and intuitive, allowing players to swipe the screen in the direction they would like to hit the shot. The better the timing, the harder, faster, and more accurate the shot. AO Tennis for mobile devices has been designed to offer that quick and accessible tennis hit while on the train to work, plane on your way down to Melbourne to watch the tennis, or between matches while at the championships itself.

“Tennis fans are passionate about their sport, and want to be able to play a game of their favourite sport while on the go,” Big Ant CEO, Ross Symons, said. “We’re looking forward to tennis fans getting stuck into AO Tennis on mobile, giving them a small taste on what to expect from AO Tennis for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which releases on January 16.”

Players will also be able to purchase tickets to the Australian Open directly from within the app, as well as purchase and secure their copy of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of AO Tennis.

“The mobile game gives everyone the chance to play at the Australian Open. The team has worked really hard to produce an authentic game which is both free to download and play. It is a great way to get involved in the tournament no matter where you are,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said.

AO Tennis for mobile devices will be available on the iOS and Google Play app stores on January 5.


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