Jetpack Joyride arrives on PlayStation 4

Soaring its way to PlayStation 4, Jetpack Joyride is now available with even more costumes and jetpacks!

What will be your jetpack of choice? A golden piggy bank shooting 1928 issue $1,000 bills or a Christmas tree that drops baubles and tinsel? Both equally as effective, both as awesome.

Would you prefer to be a majestic soaring bird or a zombie t-rex smashing through the lab? Santa riding a rubber duck, or a crab atop a giant mechanical fire breathing dragon? All these questions, and more, can be answered in Jetpack Joyride!

Players can also work to unlock trophies, missions and awards, all with varying levels of difficulty. Awards will constantly unlock – and when completed – it begins again! There will always be more to the game than just flying thanks to Jetpack Joyride’s trademark mission system.



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@Raheel0194 If you backed the save up to a cloud service - such as what Sony and Microsoft offer - then you can try downloading that backup.
@jaisal_97 Best to drop us a note at so that we can follow up.